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Professional Stuff – a summary

I’ve been an independent problem solver, researcher, analyst, writer, data scientist and management consultant since early 2018. Between in-depth research, attending cutting edge conferences (cf. SFBW, Internet Of Agreements) and actually interviewing project teams, I’ve been uniquely well positioned to write detailed, technical and yet highly readable reports (featuring data visualizations telling a clear story) for an audience of VCs, C-level persons for some of the largest financial institutions in the world, all while being useful to a new entrant to the field in question. While some of this work also earned me an acknowledgment in a published academic paper on the impact of different regulatory frameworks on digital token offerings, I’m mostly taking a sort of basic satisfaction in understanding complicated things and helping others to do so.

This is all following an 18 month stint as a Business Analyst for a FTSE 100 company – where I helped produce a business case, gain buy in for a multi-million dollar CRM upgrade, manage C-level stakeholders and vendors throughout, and saw the project through to change management and leading end-user-testing (UAT) in the Netherlands with a couple of dozen sales reps (cf. our QA/test lead was the bad kind of contractor who jumped ship right before they were actually supposed to do their job, so the 21 year old analyst stepped up to the plate and did it for ~%20 of the cost… definitely not bitter).

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