Problem Solver for Hire

I’ve been an independent problem solver, researcher, analyst, writer, data scientist and management consultant since finishing my Mathematics & Philosophy BA at King’s College London in 2016.

I’m currently working as a management consultant for one of the largest technology companies in the world, helping align business processes and procedures following a major acquisition. I primarily specialize in Project Management at my day job, with some Business Analysis and Product Management.

My personal roster of clients keep me busy the remainder of the time, for whom I’ve added value through Strategy Development, Market Research, Data Analysis, Content Generation and Project Management. I’ve worked with fantastic teams in start-up environments across many different industries including; Cryptocurrency/Blockchain, The Energy Sector, GreenTech companies, Medical Tech and VR.

I’ve reported directly to the CFO of a publicly traded corporation and essentially served as their right-hand man throughout the acquisition of a firm in a totally different industry segment. My responsibilities in this role closely mirrored those of a founder in an early stage startup, in the sense that I was able to contribute meaningfully to very many aspects of the business.

As a Project Manager, I’ve owned ~$500k software projects, with a particularly exciting and fun opportunity to modernize the tech stack supporting a satellite enabled monitoring service for the propane industry. The site received data from tens of thousands of remote hardware sensors and provided alerts and information to thousands of unique users across hundreds of customers.

As an analyst at Smith + Crown I performed in-depth research and data aggregation, attended industry leading conferences (cf. SFBW, Internet Of Agreements) and interviewed project teams, in order to produce detailed, technical and yet highly readable reports (featuring data visualizations telling a clear story). Primarily for an audience of VCs and executives while being useful to a new entrant to the field in question. Some of this work earned me an acknowledgment in a published academic paper on the impact of different regulatory frameworks on digital token offerings.

Immediately after my degree, I worked as a Business Analyst for a FTSE 100 company – where I helped produce a business case, gained buy in for a multi-million dollar CRM upgrade, managed C-level stakeholders and vendors throughout an 18 month project, and lead both change management and leading end-user-testing (UAT) programmes in the Netherlands.